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All types of locks sold and installed:

Work IN Progress.001 High security

Work IN Progress.001 Keyless entry

Work IN Progress.001 Patio door

Work IN Progress.001 Deadbolts

Repair of locks and Installation of security hardware

Work IN Progress.001 Window bars

Work IN Progress.001 Door viewers

Work IN Progress.001 Door Guardian

Work IN Progress.001 Door reinforcements

Medication Lock Boxes    

Locking mail boxes


Work IN Progress.001 Sales and Installation (wall, in floor, free standing, depository)

Work IN Progress.001 Repair

Work IN Progress.001 Combination change


Work IN Progress.001 Automotive locks rekeyed

Work IN Progress.001 Installation and/or repair of automotive locks

Work IN Progress.001 Vehicle opening

Work IN Progress.001 Broken key retrieval

Work IN Progress.001 Vehicle keys duplicated

Work IN Progress.001 Transponder keys cut and programmed

Work IN Progress.001 Key by code or create key manually

Work IN Progress.001 High security key made

Work IN Progress.001 VATS/PASS system key made

Work IN Progress.001 Sidewinder (wave) key made

Work IN Progress.001 Vehicle remotes supplied and programmed

Boats, Motorcycles, R.V.’s, Trailers, A.T.V.’s:

Work IN Progress.001 Keys duplicated

Work IN Progress.001 Keys created manually or by code

Work IN Progress.001 Locks rekeyed

Work IN Progress.001 Installation and/or repair of locks

Work IN Progress.001 Broken key retrieval

Did You Know - 3D Words Did you know? Often when people come in thinking they need a new lock for their vehicle, what they really need is a key cut by computer to the original factory specifications (a “copy” of a worn key is still a worn key).  If your key is no longer working smoothly, requires fiddling with it until it turns, or is “sticky” – a key back to factory specs might just fix your problem!

Rekey due to staff turnover, or loss of keys  IMG_2742

All types of locks sold, installed, and repaired

Work IN Progress.001 High security

Work IN Progress.001 Access control systems

Work IN Progress.001 Keyless entry

Filing cabinets

Work IN Progress.001 Replace locks

Work IN Progress.001 Create keys


IMG_2755 Work IN Progress.001 Keyed alike

Work IN Progress.001 Rekeyable

Work IN Progress.001 Hidden shackle

Work IN Progress.001 Lockout Systems

Work IN Progress.001 High Security

Work IN Progress.001 Restricted Key

Work IN Progress.001 Shipping container padlocks


Work IN Progress.001 Retractable cable

Work IN Progress.001 Security chain and cable

Master key systems


Commercial steel doors

Commercial hardware

Work IN Progress.001 Lever handles

Work IN Progress.001 Door Closers

Work IN Progress.001 Panic Hardware and Exit Devices

Electronic Door Security

Work IN Progress.001 Electric Strikes

Work IN Progress.001 Mag Locks

Work IN Progress.001 Electronic Combination Locks

Work IN Progress.001 Access Control

Sales and Installation of latch protectors/astragals

Sales and Installation of window bars/gates