On this page you will find a plethora of products that we sell at our shop in Vernon BC. Please visit us at 3101 31st Ave to see more!

One of the advantages of dealing with a small store (as opposed to a big box store) is that we are happy to order stock in for you if we do not have it in the store – generally it only takes a couple of days.


Door Hardware: (* is restricted keyway)

Deadbolts, door knobs, lever handles, key-in-knobIMG_2738 - Version 2

  1. Weiser
  2. Schlage
  3. Sargent
  4. Mul-T-Lock*
  5. Assa*
  6. Medeco*
  7. Miwa*
  8. MX*



We stock a variety of safes – from a basic locking cabinet without fireproofing to a 2 hour fire rated safe.  We carry burglary rated safes and a number of depository safes.  Vernon Lock & Safe has a wall safe installed in the store, so you can see how a wall safe looks when it is actually installed in the wall.  We also carry in-floor safes, they are great if you are building a house or renovating.IMG_2734

Someone who wants a safe to protect their passport and birth certificate in case of fire, will have different requirements from a person or business who will be storing thousands of dollars worth of valuables!

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) – UL is a non-profit , non-bias agency that tests and rates the safety and performance on consumer products.  Safes that have earned specific UL ratings will carry a UL label which designates the product’s security and fire-protection ratings.  If your insurance company requires you to have a specific rating, or you are unsure about what you need, check with us, we’ll be happy to review your requirements.  Usually it will only take a couple of days to get a safe in if we don’t have one already in stock that suits your needs.
Vernon Lock & Safe will usually have some used safes in the store.


We have a huge selection of key blanks!

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 1.09.42 PM




We can create or duplicate keys for vehicles (airplane, RV, boat, motorcycle, ATV, scooter), including transponder (chip) and sidewinder (wave) keys.

We make keys for mail boxes (postal).

We stock a large variety of painted or specialty house keys – Disney, Elvis, Betty Boop, Rockin’ Keys (guitar), Playboy, Gun shaped keys, Pink Ribbon, Hello Kitty, Muppets, Snoopy, Garfield, Burberry, hearts, floral, music, golf, lightning, flames, animal, Canadian flag, and many more.

Never put your last name and/or address on an ID tag on your key ring

Door and Window Security Hardware:

  1. Patio door security bar
  2. Casement fastener
  3. Door viewer
  4. Patio door pin
  5. Patio door bolt
  6. Surface bolt
  7. Anti-lift for windows and patio doors
  8. Keyed hasp
  9. Hasp and padlock
  10. Window bolt
  11. Door Guardian
  12. Plunger door stop
  13. Keyed sash lock
  14. Latch protector
  15. Latch guard
  16. Door wrap
  17. Door edge guard
  18. Security strike
  19. Hole cover plate
  20. Adaptor trim plate
  21. Window bars


Locking Key Storage:

  1. Key cabinets
  2. Door knob key lock box
  3. Key lock box (to be mounted)
  4. Brawn

Key Chains

Vernon Lock & Safe has an amazing selection of key chains!


We stock pewter keychains made in Canada with sayings like “Believe in Miracles”, and many others with a variety of interests, sports, and animals.

For the woman who likes a little “bling” there are lots to choose from as well, some of them with Swarovski crystals. We have butterflies, flowers, stars, angels, crosses, hearts, handbags, and shoes.

There are keychains that come apart for golfers with a golf divot repair tool, ones with an area for photos, a large variety of humorous keyrings, and “pink ribbon”.

For the hiker – we have  Silverfoot carabiners with bear bell, whistle, or compass attached.

There are keychains made out of wood, others made from recycled aluminum, and still others with abalone shell.

Some of our keychains have flashlights and bottle openers.

We have a selection of Canadian handmade Native keychains – dream catchers, mini leather drums, and animals.

We have a few handcrafted in B.C. with Sterling Silver charms – they are truly lovely.

Also handmade, are some keyrings from Mexico, made from Sterling Silver and Copper – each of them have a saying like “live your dream”, “follow your heart”, and more.

We have a selection of pewter keychains (made in B.C.) with Celtic designs  (and meanings) – truly unique!

For the person who doesn’t care for anything fancy we carry a large selection of key fobs with vehicle names (Honda, Toyota, Jeep, etc.).

Come in and check out our selection – keychains make great little gifts and stocking stuffers!

 *** NEW ***

Available through Vernon Lock & Safe Ltd. – shipping across Canada

FOFA Keyfinders!  As seen on

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 1.06.21 PM


Keychains make great gifts!