Vehicle remote issues?

We are able to help with many remotes – whether it is a repair, a complete replacement, new batteries, or replacing worn out buttons.  Check with us!

Lubricate your locks

All locks require periodic lubrication. For residential use – graphite is the best lubricant. We sell it in little tubes, and a little goes a long way. For locks that get a lot of road grit, you might want to use a spray lube to flush them out (we also sell cans...

Vehicle door key only

Even if you have a transponder key for your vehicle we can cut plain “non-chipped” keys that will open the door. The plain ones will not run your vehicle, but are handy to have in case you lock your keys inside.

Use your key

Locks are mechanical, and can seize up if you only use your fob to lock and unlock your vehicle.  It’s a good idea to periodically use your key to open your doors.

Identify your keys

When you have quite a few keys, it is sometimes confusing trying to remember what key fits where.   Specialty keys or key identifiers are a great way of helping to keep track of your keys.

Container padlocks!

Are you renovating and have a storage container full of goodies?  We have great padlocks for locking up shipping containers, or sea cans.

Are you having ignition or lock problems on your vehicle?

Often when someone is having issues with their ignition, or vehicle door locks, is that it is usually a KEY issue and not the lock or ignition! The easiest, and the least expensive place to start in diagnosing your problem is to have us make a “code cut”...