Commercial Products

As a business owner, you realize that quality and service of security are the most important aspects of your enterprise. Remember to visit us first to get your best solution without wasting time!

Rekey due to staff turnover, or loss of keys

All types of locks sold, installed, and repaired

Work IN Progress.001 High security

Work IN Progress.001 Access control systems

Work IN Progress.001 Keyless entry

Filing cabinets

Work IN Progress.001 Replace locks

Work IN Progress.001 Create keys

Electronic Door Security

Work IN Progress.001 Electric Strikes

Work IN Progress.001 Mag Locks

Work IN Progress.001 Electronic Combination Locks

Work IN Progress.001 Access Control


Work IN Progress.001 Keyed alike

Work IN Progress.001 Rekeyable

Work IN Progress.001 Hidden shackle

Work IN Progress.001 Lockout Systems

Work IN Progress.001 High Security

Work IN Progress.001 Restricted Key

Work IN Progress.001 Shipping container padlocks

Work IN Progress.001 Backpack/luggage

Work IN Progress.001 Retractable cable

Work IN Progress.001 Security chain and cable


Master key systems

Commercial steel doors

Key cabinets????????????????????

Commercial hardware

Work IN Progress.001 Lever handles

Work IN Progress.001 Door Closers

Work IN Progress.001 Panic Hardware and Exit Devices

Sales and Installation of latch protectors/astragals

Sales and Installation of window bars/gates


Work IN Progress.001 Sales and installation

Work IN Progress.001 Repair

Work IN Progress.001 Change of combination

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