Often when someone is having issues with their ignition, or vehicle door locks, is that it is usually a KEY issue and not the lock or ignition!

The easiest, and the least expensive place to start in diagnosing your problem is to have us make a “code cut” key.  This takes the key back to factory specifications, and is completely different than just copying it.  Often this will solve your problem, but if it doesn’t and the lock or ignition needs to be replaced, we can rekey the new part to fit your original key (eliminating the need to carry an additional key), even if it is a “chipped” key.  Usually we can tell just by looking at your key whether or not the key should be replaced.
key-comparisonThe key on the right did not work.  It was decoded and a new key was generated taking it back to factory specifications.  The new key (on the left) works perfectly!